En Morceaux

In the darkness, everything twists and turns
Your words, like satin sheets, fall softly over me
Winding around me in passion and love
Your hands slide over my body like a lover
You hold me in your arms, and you love me

When the light is cast over you, everything shifts and changes
Your words, like thorny bramble, block me out
Cutting me as I try to push my way in
Your face goes blank as a slate
You become cold and distant, and I ache

The darkness, like my trust, is blind
I pour my heart into your hand
I give you power
You give me words I want to hear
Your heart stays locked away
I can’t discern reality from fantasy

Raising a lantern in the darkness, I can see
Your words are snakes coiling around me
Your eyes are guarded
I see you, and I feel something break inside me
My heart, my trust, my soul
Betrayal slices through me, hot and vicious

I throw down the lantern, and it shatters into pieces
As the flames rise around me, casting their flickering light,
I see my reflection in your eyes

And I cry.


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